Kevin & Kaarin // Couple Shoot

I need more shoots like this in my life!

Rules...Look cool (like you do everyday). Let me help you choose your outfits & the location. Be willing to do whatever I tell you. Look great while you do whatever I told you to do. Have fun with me while we adventure & take photos together. And the result is the blog below.

So for reals. I need more shoots like this. If you hire will probably, most likely, be totally worth it!


Whitney & Bethany // Alabama Portrait

Bethany hates getting her photo taken. She hardcore wines every time I mention taking pics of her & Whit. Which is silly because they are adorable & their adorableness should be documented more often. The two of them are incredible photographers themselves, but hardly have any photos of themselves, so I basically force them into it whenever I get a chance.

And I don't feel bad about it. I'm such a good friend ;).


Andrew & Alisa // Spokane Engagement

YES was the word I found myself thinking, saying & feeling through every stage of these two lovebird's relationship. YES...I felt when my cousin Andrew called to tell me about a special new girl in his life. the question, "would you be willing to hide & take pics as I ask Alisa to marry me"? photographing their engagement & upcoming wedding. YES...I've prayed for the perfect girl for him for years. I'm just so dang excited. YES!