Tyler & Christine // Spokane Engagement

Some people are disgustingly photogenic. I didn't even have to try to be good with Christine...she was just perfect for every photo. Then there is Tyler. The way Tyler looks at Christine melts my heart. There was no chance of failure for this shoot with their photogenic love filled glances. I can't wait for this special August wedding.


Michael & Britney // Seattle Engagement

Adventuring at Rattlesnake lake was amazing with these two. The phrase "anything for the photo" couldn't have been more true. Brit climbed a freaking stump in her heels for me. I love shoots where I don't hesitate to ask for anything because I know the client will be up for whatever. I'm sure their wedding is going to be killer. Not just because they are both beautiful...but also because they are the more fun than you could ever wish for.  Congrats you guys!


Nick & Shelby // Spokane Engagement

What if you met someone...you fell in love...and you asked them to spend the rest of their life with you? Well that is exactly what happens, and somehow I get the extreme privilege of capturing it. That is making me so happy right now. I can't even handle it.


Andrew & Gemmina // Coeur d' Alene Engagement

Gemmina...you are my partner in crime. When I started doing this photography thing, I sort of forced you to do it with me. We've shared many laughs, calmed many wedding day storms & scouted endless locations together. Funny thing is, that is not even the best part our friendship. You are one of my "people". Someone I trust with the hard stuff, someone I turn to when I run out of time & need help finishing projects & someone who thinks of what I need before I know I need it. To say I am protective over you would be an understatement. You mean the world to me & all I ever wanted was for you to find the perfect man.

Andrew...I know you will take care of this special girl. In the very short time I've gotten to know you, I've seen you bend and grow to be a man that strives to love her deeply. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you & I hope you know that Eric & I will always be people you two can turn to for anything.

I love you both & simply cannot wait for your wedding day. It's going to be magical!


Austin & Macey // Spokane Engagement

Our love stories are so very different. They vary in time, age & accounts. Some are easy, some take work. Some come with baggage, others ease into it like it was what they were always meant for. Often there is one or two (or more) before we find the one that captures our heart forever. And sometimes..."there is one we never saw coming, one that will last, one that shows us why it never worked out before. And it's that possibility that makes trying again worthwhile, because the truth is, you never know when you'll stumble into love."

For this sweet couple, their stories before each other play into who they are now. Macey shared this beautiful story & quote with me as we drove around getting to know each other & taking beautiful photos. I love love loved our time together. What an adorable pair they are.

            "You found parts of me I didn't know existed & in you I found the love I no longer believed was real" -Unknown


Jake & Mackenzie // Spokane Engagement

This engagement session did not go as planned. Let's just say, some poor planning (and thinking) on Mackenzie & I's side of things made it quite the adventure. The best part is...it didn't matter. We had a blast & made our "whoops" moment into a fabulous one! I love it when things don't go as planned. Cause this happens...


Andrew & Alisa // Spokane Engagement

YES was the word I found myself thinking, saying & feeling through every stage of these two lovebird's relationship. YES...I felt when my cousin Andrew called to tell me about a special new girl in his life. YES...to the question, "would you be willing to hide & take pics as I ask Alisa to marry me"? YES...to photographing their engagement & upcoming wedding. YES...I've prayed for the perfect girl for him for years. I'm just so dang excited. YES!