Cameron & Kasey // Spokane Wedding

I am always emotionally invested in my clients...especially my brides. But this wedding killed me. From the moment I hopped on a call with this gal, I knew we clicked. I loved every statement, idea & thought she had. I was beyond excited for this day. And I was not disappointed. Every moment was filled with real and raw love & excitement. Every person genuine & supportive of this union. Every photo filled with more than just the image laid before me. This wedding was special. I can't get over how close I felt to this couple on their day & how excited I've been to share these images with them. Congratulations to the very gorgeous Cam & two are amazing together. Let's be friends forever.


David & Kayla // Spokane Wedding

At most weddings, people are happy for the bride & least every wedding I've been to. But this wedding they weren't just happy. They were invested, emotional, real, joyful, proud & downright celebratory. There was a different air about the loved ones that gathered around this beautiful couple several weeks back. They were "in" with them. I feel like I was a part of something extra special with these two. I hope to keep them not just as clients but as friends. No actually, I think I will force them to be. They are just that cool.

Also...they had snow as their reception exit. I surely can't leave that detail out.

"No words can describe our wedding day as we commited our lives to each other in front of our family & friends. We woudn't change a single moment of that day. Our biggest surprise was stepping back & realizing how dearly we are loved & supported by those around us. We are already loving what God has in store for us. Here's to the great gift of marriage" -David & Kayla


Ole Håkon & Inga // Norway Wedding

What. An. Adventure. First of all...Norway?! Heck yes.

How we ended up at the location in Part I of this shoot is a craziness. We were frantically wandering the island trying to find the perfect rocks as the sun was setting. We came upon a backyard & the owner overheard us saying we needed to go get a boat (in order to get to where I wanted to be). This kind stranger says..."I have a boat...why don't you use IT"?! Um WHAT?! So off we went in a strangers boat to chase the sun, explore the ocean & find the perfect island spot to complete our shoot. We were splashed on during the journey & had no tie up for the boat...but we embraced it all & had a blast.

A big thanks to Whitney Dean (Glass Jar Photography) for second shooting this with me & to Ilse Papst for making Inga's wildflower bouquet for this shoot.


Before we got their wedding garb wet...we made them hike through a forest of dirt & mosquitoes. Anything for a good pic right? Part II of this shoot was deep in the woods to a set of World War II steps & a moss ridden expanse of greenery. Beautiful indeed.


Andrew & Alisa // Spokane Wedding

To say their wedding was special would be an understatement. This blog isn't long enough for me to share with you this couple's story or the incredible & painful journey they went on before meeting one another. So, I'll have to let the pictures do some talking. Their emotion packed wedding was one of my favorites...and not just because I'm related to the groom. It would have been even if I wasn't. I am SO beyond proud of these two, excited for their marriage & honored to have been a part of their incredible day.

Love them and their little girls to pieces. What a precious family you have created!


Chris & Brooklynn // Georgia Wedding

This beautiful bride is a special one to me. I watched her grow from a little girl into an amazing young lady. Now she gets to share that amazing-ness with a boy. A boy! I remember sitting with her year after year talking about those scary & interesting beings called "boys". We talked about how to navigate relationships, how to respect them, what to look for & how to look past the cute exterior to ensure you were choosing someone with the heart to back it up. Seems as though she did everything right...I'm so proud of her (& him). Love you both so much!


Chris & Allie // Spokane Wedding

I don't think I have EVER prayed this much about weather. Allie wanted snow. Problem was...Spokane seemed to be out of snow & just wanted to rain. The whole week, nothing but rain. So I prayed. I prayed there would be so much snow that it would make the city white again & it would last until pictures ended. Oh boy did God deliver. A winter wonderland DOWNPOUR. Allie & I relished in the cold & wet because we knew it was a miracle. Chris...well...Chris was distracted by his beautiful bride. At least enough to forget that we were torturing him in the weather. 



Andrew & Alisa // Spokane Engagement

YES was the word I found myself thinking, saying & feeling through every stage of these two lovebird's relationship. YES...I felt when my cousin Andrew called to tell me about a special new girl in his life. the question, "would you be willing to hide & take pics as I ask Alisa to marry me"? photographing their engagement & upcoming wedding. YES...I've prayed for the perfect girl for him for years. I'm just so dang excited. YES!