Tristan Peery // Spokane Senior

Gah! So many amazing seniors sitting on my computer right now & so little time to blog. 

They are all inspiring, beautiful & full of life. This particular beauty put up with so much on our shoot. A wind storm to be exact! I promised her it made the pics amazing & she whole heartedly trusted me. Thank goodness for that...cause golly these are beautiful. 


Carson Calhoon + Braden Stejer // Senior Sessions

I rarely ever get to photograph boys (on their own). They are so fun & different! Don't get me wrong, girls are wonderful...the hair, the dresses, the movement...always beautiful. But boys are so suave & fresh & I just love that.

I'm a little behind on blogging, so I want to share with you TWO senior boys that are handsome & way to cool to be hanging around me. First up...CARSON CALHOON

And to wrap up this blog...BRADEN STEJER