Ryann & Taylor // Spokane Graduation

These two GORGEOUS gals gave me the honor of taking their "senior" photos. I wish more people would do these types of sessions with their friends. They graduate nursing school this year & wanted some photos to mark this moment in time. Yeah...I wasn't sad about it. Take a look at these beauties.


Shelby Ritzenthaler // Arizona Portrait

There is so much inspiration that comes when you are running out of light and are shooting in a scenery you've never photographed in before. The jolt of panic to get "the shot" before the sun goes down is invigorating. In this case I had a beautiful subject & full control of the shoot. It doesn't get much better. I kinda can't help but love these images. 


Ryan & Jan // Spokane Maternity

I don't typically shoot maternity. But!                                                                                                           This setting + this beautiful couple = me re-thinking my every thought

When Jan wrote me an email with their story & explained why I should photograph them even though "I don't do maternity"...   I conceded. I'm simply drooling over these beautiful images & am so thankful she gave me the nudge this time around. 



Laur Kappauf // Spokane Portrait

Sitting in Laur's garage was her Mothers old bike. A 1950's Columbia with a ton of history. Laur used to ride on the back fin with her legs in wire baskets surrounded by books, bags of groceries & maybe even a toy or two.  Her mother did not drive until she was in 3rd grade, so she spent a lot of time on the back of that bike. As she grew & went off to college, she took it with her & it roamed with her for years. 

Sadly, Laur's mom passed away a couple of years ago. She asked me if I would be willing to take a few pictures with her & the bike to honor her mother & the wonderful memories that came along with it. There was something so touching about this portion of our shoot. I could feel the emotion in her eyes & see deep into her soul. The connection she had with her mama was evident in something as small as a metal frame with wheels. Also pictured is Laur's beautiful daughter Anika. Almost as if all three generations were sitting there together. I just had to share these images with you all. I simply couldn't resist.