Europe // Paris

I bet you thought I forgot to blog the rest of our Europe trip didn't you?! Well surprise there's more! And the last one will be the don't forget to check back for Iceland.

Stop #3 was Paris. I don't even feel like it needs an explanation. What you think Paris will be like in your exactly what it is. Beautiful, big, perfectly manicured, historic & people everywhere. One thing should be noted; my favorite spot/day in France (which you will see below) was actually NOT in Paris. It was our bike tour through Versailles. Incredible history & imagery.


Whitney & Bethany // Paris Anniversary Shoot

The sun was setting fast on our last night in Paris. I had been begging Whit & Bethany the whole trip to let me take a few pics of them. They happily celebrated 6 years of marriage in April, are fantastic photographers themselves & yet...have almost zero professional pics together. So I finally convinced (or coerced) them into a 15min session in the city of love. Who wouldn't want to take pics of their adorable faces?!