Fiji 2018 // A personal post

I fell in love with the people of Fiji. There are no words that could summarize this trip & there would be no way to explain everything we saw and every person we encountered. So instead...I took photos. These photos were for me. They weren't for a client that would pay me or a magazine that needed something exact. They didn't have to be perfectly framed, have precise settings or need to wear the Instagram worthy edit. These photos are just my way of observing. My way of remembering. These photos are my way of sharing this experience with anyone who cares to see it.

Thanks to all the amazing people who took this trip alongside me. Thanks to the Bickleys for hosting us. Thanks to all the humans (and animals) who touched my heart & changed my perspective. If you want to read about each day & what we did while in Fiji, you can visit


Europe // Iceland

I finally had time to edit my favorite place we went on our trip this summer. Stop #4 was Iceland...and it was crazy cool. Probably the only place we went that I already desperately want to get back to. Every hour we drove was like stepping onto another planet. It made me stand in utter awe at the world God created & blessed that I to get to set foot in it. Iceland was by far my favorite. Enjoy.


Europe // Paris

I bet you thought I forgot to blog the rest of our Europe trip didn't you?! Well surprise there's more! And the last one will be the don't forget to check back for Iceland.

Stop #3 was Paris. I don't even feel like it needs an explanation. What you think Paris will be like in your exactly what it is. Beautiful, big, perfectly manicured, historic & people everywhere. One thing should be noted; my favorite spot/day in France (which you will see below) was actually NOT in Paris. It was our bike tour through Versailles. Incredible history & imagery.


Europe // Norway

More pictures from our trip to Europe. Stop #2 was Norway! This was a much different experience from London. We spent most of our time on the small & beautiful island of Flekkerøy & stayed with a family who hosted, fed & spoiled us rotten. We all felt like we got a true taste of their day to day life. Favorite moments of Norway...

-Sheep. I love them. They made me smile so big.

-Crab fishing. We went at midnight on our last night & it was the most hilarious, nerve wracking & wonderful memory I took away from Norway

-The family we stayed with. So blessed by them & their kids.


Eric & Cami // Anniversary Session

Our dear friends Whitney & Bethany (Glass Jar Photography) are stupid good at what they do. They blessed our socks off by giving Eric & I the most romantic 10 year wedding anniversary session while we were all in France.

Seriously love this man...these photos...& my crazy talented friends. Cheers to the best 10 years of my life & many many more to come.


Europe // London

Several weeks ago my husband & two of our friends (one of them who happens to be my band mate) took an epic trip to Europe. The first of our four stops was London. I have been dying to share with you some images & stories from our trip. The easiest way to do through this handy blog of mine. So, if you have the time & feel like exploring the world a bit with me...have a looksie.

It doesn't hurt that all of us are photographers & happened to have our cameras with us at all times. Thanks to Whitney & Bethany (Glass Jar Photography) for taking the pics I'm in (cause I am definitely not talented enough to take pics of that caliber of myself). Props to them (and us) to capturing this trip in such a special way.

So here is Part I - LONDON ENGLAND