Jonathan & Chelsea // Oregon Wedding

Second wedding of the year and neither of them were Washington weddings! I love getting to travel a bit to capture people's love stories.

It's incredibly fun to see Jonathan & his beautiful bride so stinking happy. Considering he was practically my brother growing up...I hoped & prayed he would find someone as crazy & wonderful as he is. Chels, you are just that. Love you both. Here are a few of my favs from your wedding!


Chris & Brooklynn // Georgia Wedding

This beautiful bride is a special one to me. I watched her grow from a little girl into an amazing young lady. Now she gets to share that amazing-ness with a boy. A boy! I remember sitting with her year after year talking about those scary & interesting beings called "boys". We talked about how to navigate relationships, how to respect them, what to look for & how to look past the cute exterior to ensure you were choosing someone with the heart to back it up. Seems as though she did everything right...I'm so proud of her (& him). Love you both so much!


Chris & Allie // Spokane Wedding

I don't think I have EVER prayed this much about weather. Allie wanted snow. Problem was...Spokane seemed to be out of snow & just wanted to rain. The whole week, nothing but rain. So I prayed. I prayed there would be so much snow that it would make the city white again & it would last until pictures ended. Oh boy did God deliver. A winter wonderland DOWNPOUR. Allie & I relished in the cold & wet because we knew it was a miracle. Chris...well...Chris was distracted by his beautiful bride. At least enough to forget that we were torturing him in the weather. 



Eric & Amanda // Spokane Wedding

It's possible that I am bias because I'm related to this stunning bride, but this wedding was just so well put together...& so much stinking fun. If you're looking to hire someone who can turn the vision of your day into reality,  contact "Exquisite" for your wedding planning needs ( They are a mother/daughter team that make everything look & feel effortless. 

All to say, I'm kind of stoked to show you a few images from this wedding & am so excited for my cousin & her husband. They are incredible together & their wedding day was one of my favs.  


Ben & Ella // Spokane Wedding

I feel like I don't even have a second to think...let alone blog. But! I just adore this couple & couldn't bear to finish their pics, send them off & not let you see at least one! 

A HUGE thanks to Rose Cowgar (urbanrosephotography) & Gemmina for covering the end of this wedding day & getting some amazing pics in the process. 


Matthew & Liz

When a groom is so in love with his bride that it shows all over his face, leaks into his every move & is written between ever word he makes my job easy. I didn't have to say or do anything with these two. They are just in love. Even though it was 100 degrees out...I would do this day over again because of how adorable they were.