Whitney & Bethany // Alabama In-Home

Oh my gosh I blogged! I haven’t had time to come up for air in quite some time now, but this shoot was deserving of a blog post. So here I am, days away from leaving for China. While checking millions of things off of my ever growing list, I am again reminded that in the midst of the busyness…I freaking love my job(s).

I get to take pictures of incredible people, I get to sing until my throat aches, travel all over the world & most importantly…I get to be with the people I love while doing it. Like what? Heck…who needs sleep when you get to spit truths like these out of your mouth.


Robby & Dani // Spokane Wedding

It's wedding season. I barely have time to breathe let alone blog.

Yet here I am staying up late, to show you even a few of these images from my beautiful cousins wedding. Because...I simply can't get enough of these two. Such sweet love. So worth no sleep.